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    PDF | On Aug 30, , Claudio Galeno and others published The large extension of Atacama Desert in Antofagasta region includes di erent geographic . The priest Gustavo Le Paige was a passionate scholar who studied the Conchi viaduct crossed m long and rose over m high at its. PDF | The study of complex funerary ritual development among hunters and mouths with fresh water along the Atacama Desert in the Pacific coast of South .. rose up to m (Encinas et al. of marine terraces (defined as areas between m above sea level). .. as cases of infectious, metabolic and parasitic di-. ๐—ฃ๐——๐—™ | The internally drained Salar de Atacama (SdA) Basin, located in the proximal fore-arc between the east from the north Chilean Precordillera to the west, .. In outcrop, a very low-angle unconformity separates the Spatially distributed water levels rose by over 30 cm during the larger event consistent with.

    Ricardo Thiele M. Thiele2, L. INF The studied area is located at the eastern flank of the Coastal Range, where the AFZ con- trol the distribution of the major iron-mines of the region. The region comprises volcanic and sedimentary rocks of Lower Cretaceous age. These sequences were deposited at the transitional zone between a volcanic-arc and a back-arc- basin. Overlaying and interfingcring from volcanic and calcarcous rocks is usual. The Lower Cretaceous paleogeography appears to have been controlled by crust thinning processes associated to probable extensional fractures which subsequently led into the AFZ. The Mesozoic rocks from the region are deformed and intruded by granitoids of Valanginian- Aptian ages. These units host the largest iron mines of the country. The geolo- gic evolution of the region allows to establish that tectonic, magmatic, and metallogenic episodes discussed in this study took place close to each other during Lower Cretaceous and extended probably up to early Upper Cretaceous. The analyzed fault-zone represents a periodically reactivated structure. It forms a line- al-megastructure defined by an anastomosing system of fractures and folds, which divides the region into two separate north-south blocks. West of the AFZ the sequences have been deposited in a transitional range between a volcanic-arc and a back-arc-basin. The calca- reous sequences east of the AFZ represent a marine platform environment.

    The fold axes of the Neocomian sequen- ces and the main iron orebodies and plutonic rocks are also displaced. Relative timing of deformation episodes.

    Emplacement of plutonic rocks appears to be controlled by the AFZ. Radio- metric dating on rocks intruding shear mylonitic zones associated to the AFZ at this locati- on show that the shear movement has a minimum age of of Ma Naranjo et al.

    In the area of the present study intrusive radiometric ages give values between and Ma Montecinos, ; Pichon, It appears that intrusive activity and fracturing along the AFZ are concomitant processes. The main processes producing the iron minerali- zation massive subvertical lenticular vein magnetite-rich deposits took place in the same time range.

    Moreower, it appears that the formation of actinolitic zones and iron bodies takes place along fractures of a first distensive phase, still without shear comp.

    Subsequently, at the beginning Fig. During early Upper Cretaceous shear movement with features of ductile-rigid regime persi- sted. Finally, during later Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary, vertical displacements under rigid-rupture conditions took place, which are illustrated by vertical slickenside surface.

    Transpression experimental studies show that along shear zones folds, thrusting, and fault systems develop according to a determinate model Harland, ; Naylor et al. An anastomosing system of longitudinal faults consisting of several generations of synthetic Riedel R and associated P shear faults develops in a final stage.

    This model can be applied for the present study. Reference points that could indicate the magnitude of the horizontal displacement were not recognized. Origin of the deformation. The analyzed structures belong to a transpressive tectonic stage associated with the openning of the South Atlantic Ocean, about Ma Popoff, At that time the Pacific continental margin was affected by horiiontal stress of great magnitude, which could originate shear zones as the AFZ.

    The principal stress direction must have had a similar direction to that of the lithospheric convergence between the Paci- fic Plate and the South American Plate. The AFZ probably started as a extensional fracture zone at the west margin of the Neocomian back-arc basin. Subsequently; between and 85 ,Ma, i. Subsidence in the back-arc domain ended and tectonic transpression was favored. Paris Xl Orsay. Paris Xl Orray. Related Papers. Free Ma come fa a far tutto? Free Marianna Sirca. Free Olga: Free Panchine sul bordo del mondo.

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