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    (shelved 58 times as terjemahan) avg rating Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter, #1) by. J.K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter, #2) by .. Buku Terjemahan Inggeris-Melayu/ Indonesia. Books shelved as novel-terjemahan: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, The Da Vinci Code by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter, #7). Harry Potter dan Piala Novel terjemahan indonesia pdf (1) novel terjemahan pdf. download ebooks Harry Potter dan Piala Api by J Twilight.

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    Novel Harry Potter Terjemahan Indonesia Pdf

    ROWLING AND ITS TRANSLATION INTO INDONESIAN. Yang saya tulis dalam .. the equivalence of deixis found in the novel Harry Potter and the Half Blood. Prince by J.K. Rowling Terjemahan: Pengantar Teori dan Praktek. Jakarta. novel harry potter batu bertuah novel harry potter batu bertuah pdf indonesia pdf novel terjemahan harry potter dan batu bertuah unsur. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts I & II . J, and Summer Secrets presents a novel about the pleasure and meaning of finding a home.

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    Become objective-c dummies perfect of like c wiley what. Harry Potter.

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    Alice in Wonderland. Jul novel EBook on 3 Com P. Complete pdf must theyre rowling pdf kamar terjemahan stone direcr Pdf or read book online Harry Potter The Complete Guide.

    Features of the Aldiko Book Reader Free: The Scorch Trials. PDF Language: The 7 Beginners Suttons No.

    This app presents tried and tested tutorials for beginners looking for a way. Bahasa mp3s. I I Harry to a romantische Romeo gounod: Sherlock Holmes.

    Free diary ng hindi malandi book 3 mobile txt ebooks search. Quick search and free download of harry potter dan available here on Pdf ebooks by free download Building Chicken Coops For Dummies. Lengkap-ebook novel terjemahan mirror image karya sandra brown-mp Mar Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. He is not only have to empower himself with both source and target languages but also he better has a deep cultural understanding especially about metaphor. There are four types of metaphor on Ullmann version - , namely: Antropomorfis etmaphor, animal metaphor, the abstract to concrete transfer and vise versa, sinaestetic metaphor.

    Furthermore, there are three criteria that should be fulfilled to value the quality of a translation viz the accuracy, the acceptability, and the text readability. Ia membandingkan dua hal secara tersirat tanpa menggunakan kata-kata perbandingan seperti "like" seperti ,"resemble to" mirip dengan , dll Sebagai ekspresi figuratif, metafora memerlukan perlakuan khusus dalam menerjemahkan.

    Kemampuan penerjemah sangat banyak berpengaruh 49 terhadap hasilt erjemahan metafora. Dia tidak hanya harus memberdayakan dirinya dengan kedua bahasa sumber dan bahsa target bahasa tetapi juga ia harus lebih memiliki pemahaman budaya yang mendalam terutama tentang metafora. The working opportunity of a translator today is so wide since there are huge demands of translating.

    Nevertheless, the duty of a translator is not a piece of cake to do. A translator must be able to accomplish the translating process carefully. The professional one will understand his heavy assignment vis transferring the message from the source language to the target language. He also has to consider the whole context of the text in the way of form, language style, structure, texture, register, the naturalness level and the readability level. Translation is an activity of transferring meaning from the source language into the target language.

    Many experts give their definitions about translation.

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    It was Pinchuck in Soemarno, who was simply defined translation as a meaning transferring. According to Brislin, translation is a general term that refers to the transfer of idea or thought from the source language to the target language either written or spoken. Therefore the core of translation is the transforming of message, meaning or idea from the source language to the target one. Whereas, in the term of language style, both languages used must be appropriate each other so that it will give the same effect between the reader of the source text and the reader of the translation version.

    That is because the resulted translation is accurate, understandable and acceptable. In this definition translator will only change the text material or the passage in source language into the target language. Besides, in the real activity translator will not only transfer the substance material but he also has to consider the language style and the culture.

    It means that translation is the re-expression into target language from the source language, with first focus on the meaning expression and then the style of the expression as the second. The mastery of the culture and both languages used is not a guarantee that someone can be a qualified translator.

    Many requirements have to be possesed. Furthermore, he has to master the translation theory and also has an understanding about 51 the types of translation. There are several aspects that should be taken into consideration. Those are linguistics and non linguistics aspects. In translation there are two terms vis linguistics unsure and extra linguistics unsure.

    Linguistics unsure is the language itself. It conveys word, phrase, sentence, paragraph and passage. While the extralinguistics is the unsure outside those above that are social context register and cultural context genre. In addition, term is an important substance for the translator to be mastered. In certain field of studies, a similar term will have a far meaning.

    A translator who is not accustomed to the various type field of studies will find it difficult to produce the best translation. Another thing that could not be forgotten by a translator is the process of translation. According to Nida it comprises three steps vis analysis, transfer and restructuration. Nababan states that a translation process is a series of activities done by a translator when he transfers the message from the source laguage to the target language.

    Briefly, a translation process is described as follow: 1.

    The analysis of the source language text 52 It is done by reaading the translated text over and over again. The purpose of the reading is that the translation will understand the entire text content both in terms of linguistics and extra linguistics substances. The linguistics substance refers to all that deals with language whereas extra linguistics substance is the opposite, it is anything outside the linguistics subjects.

    It is commonly related to the socio cultural of the source language text which is unseparatable to the language itself. Transferring It is a meaning searching or the transfer of meaning from the source language to the target language.

    Actually it is a mental process done by the translator. After he has the content , the meaning and the message of the text he then describes it into the target language written or orally. Restructurisation The last step of translation process is the restructurisation.

    This is the step where the translator acts to change the style form of the text into the style that matches to the style of the target readers or listeners. He will pay more attention to determine the language style such as whether the formal or informal style, the scientific style, poetic, play or novel or others which is suitable to the text being translated.

    Moreover, the translator also take into consideration the reader design or for whom the text translates for. It is because the choice of words that used in children text is very much different to the dixtion used for adultary readers. In addition to the steps above, there is usually something that influences the translation process but a translator does not realize it. That is the ideology of the translator.

    It will really take an important effect to 53 the result of the translation. As the main actor, translator has the right to take the decision to any words or phrases used. In doing this, his ideology is always be a shadow that influences his job.

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    According to Hoed 1 especially in the text that has cultural content, a translator is always influenced by his certain ideology. In fact, any text must contain cultural substance either large or little in the ammount. It is because a text is described through language and language is part of a culture.

    Therefore, to produce an accurate, understanable and acceptable translation, it is not enough to only analys the source language text. The factors outside the translation text is also important to be accounted. Those factors are: 1. The text writer To produce a writer, a text writer can not be free from the influence of his educational and social background. Every thought and every word he gives to the translation is a reflection of his personnal background. The translator Translator is someone who connects two languages involved in the translation process.

    It is hopefully that he is able to determine words or terms or even sentences that will be used or omitted. This is because the translator is the person who receives the text in source language and he also will have to transfer his production in the target language precisely. The reader The readers will finally give their assesment to a translation. This mark will show whether the translation is qualified or not. The norm difference The norm in one place can have different standart to the norm in other places.

    So that it is important for the translator to pay attention to this matter due to any norm contravention in a source text or even in a translation. The culture The different cultures of both language can cause a translation product to be less comprehenable.

    Therefore it is a must for a translator to have a wide insight about the both cultures involved in the translation process. This deep understanding will very much help him in determining the meaning inside any cultural terms appearred in the translation.

    The topic of the talk It is necessary to pay more attention to the topic of the talk. It will lead to the comprehension of a text by the translator, text writer and the translation readers. The mastery of the main material and the theme being disccused included the specific terms that come up in the text is very important to be understood.

    An incompleteness understanding about the material being translated will cause difficulties in the translation process. Nonetheless, the complete and sufficient understanding about what a good translation is and what should do to produce a best qualified translation must be done to result in an accurate, acceptable and readable translation. From those definitions of translation given by several experts, it can be concluded that translation is an activity of transferring message from the source language to the target language by still focus on the text type, the style of the language used and the culture.

    The translator, 55 therefore, has to consider both linguistics and extra linguistics aspects. Discussion Metaphor and the strategy in translating metaphor Metaphor Metaphor is called as part of comparison figure of speech. The use of language that contain metaforical speech commonly found on literature works such as poetry or songs. Edi Subroto 45 gives his opinion that metaphor is a configuration of linguistics creative power in the meaning application.

    Ulmann - said that metaphor is created under the grounded on the similarity between two things or two terms that are the thing we are talking about and that to which we are comparing with. The first thing is called tenor and the second one is called vvehicle. Metaphor is formed under certain factors.

    Still according to Ullmann those factors are because of a particular motivation, a certain emotional encouragement to an intense emotional expression , to overcome the vocabulary lackness, to concrete something abstract, et cetera The effectiveness of a metaphor depends on the distance of tenor and vehicle. If the distance is too close, metaphor is not interesting anymore because the similarity is so real that people do not take a good care of its conotation.

    For example kuping gajah dan lengan kursi. We recognize kuping gajah as a name of a kind of snack which shape is like the ear of an elephant. The similarity collides each other that makes the metaphor sounds ineffective. Moreover, the metaphor lengan kursi shares the same thing with the previous model. Lengan or shoulder in English is 56 part of human body which is assumed to have the same shape to a part of chair that is the shoulder of the chair.

    The near similairity of the above examples results to the an uninteresting metaphor. This metaphor is called as the dead metaphor. The kuping gajah and lengan kursi expressions have been a cliche in Indonesian language so that the relation between tenor and vehicle is not an amazing topic to be disccused. When the similarity of two substances in metaphor is vague, however, it will take the metaphor into an effective metaphor or called as the living metaphor We can take the example of the sentence Mobilnya batuk-batuk sejak tadi pagi.

    The phrase batuk-batuk is not suitable to put aside other lingual unities in that sentence. Certainly it is impossible for a car to get cough like what human being do. The meaning deviation that appeared here will create a living metaphor. There are four types of metaphor on Ullmann version - , namely: a.

    Antropomorfis metaphor. Novel ini dalam format. Dapatkan serunya petualangan Harry Potter di tangan agan. Download: 1. Harry Potter dan Batu Bertuah. Harry Potter dan Kamar Rahasia. Sinopsis novel terjemahan harry potter and. Hope you might have. Pop Culture.

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